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How to Replace the Battery on a Logitech Freepulse Headphone

Friday, October 2, 2009 , Posted by Admin at 12:35 AM


The Logitech Freepulse wireless headphones have a "non-replaceable" Li-ion polymer battery. Of course, once the battery runs out of juice, that makes it a very expensive paperweight. Repair fix!

Steps :
  1. Battery is located on the left headphone, the one without the power button and power plug on it
  2. Removing the small screw on the inside of the ear piece.
    • The screw is a tiny Allen Wrench head, smaller than my smallest wrench, a 5/64.
    • I was able to use a small flat head screw driver to turn the screw, the screwdriver head was approx 1mm.
      Small Screw removed from headphone

      Small Screw removed from headphone
  3. There is also a small metal collar at the end of the headphone
    • use a small flathead screwdriver to slide the collar onto the rubber wire connecting the headphones.
  4. Once the screw and collar are removed, you can force a screwdriver into the gap in the plastic between the top and bottom pieces of the headphone, and pry the two main pieces apart.
    • There will be some resistance, but nothing seemed in danger of breaking when I pried them apart.
      Separated halves of the headphone.

      Separated halves of the headphone.
  5. Remove the battery packet
    • The packet is glued to the side of the unit. I was able to pry it off, without the packets foil ripping. Probably doesn't matter if it does rip, since it's now a used up battery.
    • It's connected by a small remove-able electrical plug that offered some resistance, but came off cleanly.
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